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Owner, Director & Senior Cosmetic Nurse (RN)

Meet Em; cosmetic injector, lover of “Dad Jokes” and director of Fika.

Em became a Registered Nurse in 2011, working initially in the public hospital sector, working in Neonatal Intensive Care (with tiny little premature babies). After working in acute care for numerous years, Em discovered an avenue of nursing that combined her innate desire to make people “feel better” and her own battles with self-esteem and confidence; cosmetic nursing. In 2016 she completed her study in aesthetics in Western Australia and has been working full-time as a cosmetic nurse for the past 6 years.

In that time, Em has built a strong reputation working for one of Adelaide’s most reputable cosmetic clinics, she helps to improve the skill and knowledge of other cosmetic injectors working as a clinical trainer for globally recognised medical manufacturer Teoxane, she’s grown her own cosmetic injectables business since 2018 and in 2022 she achieved her ultimate goal of opening her own clinic; Fika.



Cosmetic Nurse (RN)

Josie has been a Registered Nurse for 8 years, and prior to that was an Enrolled Nurse for 3 years! She’s spent the last 8 years working in Paediatrics at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, which she absolutely loves!

Josie completed the Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science (AACDS) Graduate Diploma of Cosmetic Nursing and Injectables in 2018 and has been obsessed with all things injectables, skincare and aesthetics ever since.

Nowadays you’ll find Josie at Fika being an amazing RN with us creating beautifully natural facial aesthetics or when she’s not working, Josie loves to get brunch and go for walks with her friends.



Cosmetic Nurse (RN)

Meet Laila; pronounced “lie-lah”, wine connoisseur, OG beauty therapist turned cosmetic nurse.

Laila has been a registered nurse for 4 years, working in intensive care and cardiac nursing, she loves the thrill and ongoing development that acute hospital nursing has to offer. Before her life as a nurse, she ran a successful beauty business for many years, now she combines her passion for helping people and her love of all things skin and beauty with her career path as a cosmetic nurse.

When she’s not saving lives or jabbing faces, Laila is busy with her 3 beautiful children. She loves to travel, red wine, fitness, being outdoors and coffee catch-ups.

Laila is all about subtle, natural results and her priority is to promote confidence and happiness in her clients. She strives to make sure her clients feel comfortable, safe and cared for and ensures their goals are heard and achieved. Laila will make you feel right at home!


Emily V

Cosmetic Nurse (RN)

Meet Emily - a.k.a Young Emily a.k.a New(er) Emily.

She might be the most recent Emily to join the Fika family, although she's not a newbie to the world of aesthetics; she's been an injector for the past 5 years and absolutely LOVES making people feel better about themselves. Emily loves creating natural results, and her favourite treatment at the moment is using anti-wrinkle injections in the masseters; such a simple treatment with outstanding results, making her clients feel more confident in their slimmed facial appearance but also helps to relieve pain and headaches and makes them feel more comfortable and relaxed.

A closet lover of binging reality TV and spending time in the garden. When she's not injecting, you’ll find Emily chilling out in her home by the beach with her husband Liam, toddler Margot and fur-baby Minnie."



Senior Dermal Therapist

Meet Hannah - Coffee connoisseur, mum, part-time renovator and most importantly, Fika’s Senior Dermal Therapist.

Hannah has been in the beauty industry for 16 years, devoting much of that time to cosmeceutical grade skincare and results-driven skin & laser treatments. She’s a firm believer that skin is such an important part of your overall health and wellness - if you are feeling good on the inside, this will reflect on your skin!

Hannah is passionate about education and finding a routine that best fits each client’s lifestyle; she loves being part of that journey and giving you that signature 'glow’. You'll nearly always find her studying something new, as well as attending industry events and seminars.

She is a mum to two beautiful children, Leo and Poppy, and a self-confessed coffee connoisseur (in short, a coffee addict).

Whether you're in need of some self-care or you have some real skin concerns - Hannah is your go-to skin guru.



Advanced Dermal Therapist

Meet Mel: Advanced Dermal Therapist, mumma, self-confessed health and wellness junkie

Not a newbie to the beauty arena, Mel started her career in beauty 17 years ago (trust me, we’re also trying to do the math!). But don’t let this sweet face fool you, Mel is one ambitious woman! After some time in working beauty, Mel took a break to try something new; studying and progressing to become a Federal Border Force Officer (watch out!). 7 years later, with a little mini-me in tow, she’s decided to hang up her steel cap boots and get back to her passion – all things health, beauty and helping people look and feel their best, on the inside and out.

Mel is a big believer in holistic beauty and health. That beauty is not just how you look or what skincare you use (however, soooo important!), but what you do on the inside; what you eat and drink, your sleep, your energy. Everything plays a part! She believes that having self-confidence in your appearance starts from within!



Marketing & Communications

Meet Bianca; more commonly known as ‘B’ - the go-to girl for all things creative.

Bianca has followed her love of art and colour into a mix of industries, taking from each valuable skills and knowledge along the way. Her career started as a freelance makeup artist after completing her studies at Media Makeup Academy, simultaneously diving into the world of retail management. It was during this time she discovered the powerful link between marketing and its influence over brand success, sparking her interest in pursuing a career in the digital marketing world.

For the past six years Bianca has been working as the Marketing and Communications Assistant at a well-established plastic surgery clinic in Adelaide. Here, she worked alongside a variety of medical professionals, making her mark on the industry by helping the practice bypass obstacles and best communicate their ‘why’.


Natalia Nemer Lashes

Meet Nat - owner of Natalia Nemer Lashes, the OG lash lift queen in Adelaide and creator of @tweak.cosmetica

After a horrendous personal experience with lash extensions, Nat’s passion for lash lifts sparked when she saw an insta post of Kylie Jenner’s makeup artist with a lash lift. Love blossomed. Nat flew to Melbourne on a whim, got trained up and filled the gap in the Adelaide market for EPIC lashes.

Originally a qualified primary school teacher, Nat started her company doing lashes after school and on weekends….it’s safe to say now that Nat’s books are so full that she’s stopped teaching and she’s never looked back! From there, Nat created Tweak Cosmetica, a range of lash and brow-specific products designed to enhance hair growth, thickness and quality, all in super duper cute packaging.

We’re so lucky to have Nat working by our side at Fika every Monday to Thursday. You can book in for some lash magic by DM @natalienemer.lashes



Meticulous Brow

Meet Tammie - owner of Meticulous Brow, Tammie has 18 years of beauty experience and has spent the last 6 years perfecting her skills in cosmetic tattoo.

Tammie’s clients love that she is a perfectionist and takes her time with each client. She strives to achieve the best possible results for everyone she meets.

Tammie enjoys spending time at home with her husband and 2 puppies. She calls them all puppies, because they are always puppies at heart! If you have a fur baby Tammie wants to hear about them. She is Puppy obsessed!

Tammie started her own personal journey with cosmetic tattoo at the young age of 21. Having to draw eyebrows and eyeliner on every single day is such a task, so she knows what a relief it is to be able to wake up feeling like you actually have a face! Tammie specializes in eyebrows, eyeliner and lip cosmetic tattoo.
Helping women achieve confidence with no makeup is a very special yet delicate task. Rest assured you are in good hands with Tammie.

To schedule an appointment with Tammie visit her website directly;


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